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The Color Out of Space: Help needed with COMPAQ and HP

Last September, I got a COMPAQ Presario SR1010NX (Celeron 2.7GHz) and upgraded it to 768Mb RAM == 256 + 512 from Crucial, adding a 200Gb 7200rpm internal IDE hard drive from to the 40Gb IDE drive it had. I then replaced its 48/24 CD-R/RW with a CenDyne DVR-105 16/4/8/2 CD-R/RW/DVD-R/RW from Staples. Bundled with this computer was an HP psc 1350 All-in-One printer, scanner, and copier.

A week ago, I ordered a pack of 3 black (#56) and 1 CMY tri-color (#57) ink refills for from, a gift maker kit with extra iron-ons from, and I am about to buy a photo ink cartridge (#58) from

However, I still can't get my COMPAQ PC to recognize the bundled printer. I've only been trying to install from the "psc 1300 series" CD (the specific driver doesn't seem to be there on the CD). Any advice?

I can't get the DVD-R drive to work, either, but that's a matter of buying Nero 6.x or trying my bundled copy that came with the drive.

[14:05:37] hempknight: Compaq? You want help with that?
[14:05:42] hempknight: find some other fool, boi!
[14:06:17] banazir: lol
[14:06:23] banazir: Fine!
[14:06:29] banazir: *gollum, gollum*
[14:06:50] hempknight: only advice I will and can give is
[14:07:04] hempknight: Influence with large hammer with extreme prejudice
[14:07:28] banazir: That's just what my student Jeff (zengeneral) said
[14:07:52] hempknight: I'm sure he's plenty smarter than I am
[14:07:55] hempknight: so listen to him
[14:08:59] banazir: He may be
[14:09:03] banazir: But I hate you all
[14:09:07] banazir: I hate you guys SO much

jereeza sent me the song "A Poem for Byzantium" from Delerium's new album, Poem. Go, get, and listen.

I'm addicted, and that's a fact. 34 repeats - I've broken my record of 26 playings of the Goons' "Ying Tong Iddle I Po"!

(BTW, this song is perfect for one of the characters from my first NaNoWriMo - Governor Ginel of Tane-Los.)


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