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My Teuncy Valentine

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Cooks you breakfast in bedkaladhwen
Sends you 3 dozen long-stem rosesdarana
Gets your name tattooed on their buttnobuddy69
Puts an ad in the paper, asking you for a dateandrewwyldgonzo
Stalks your LJ and leaves anonymous "indiscreet" repliestwinofhugin
Knits you a sweater...with their own hairtwinbee
Delivers a naked singing telegramyodge
Declares their undying love loudly and oftenburkhardt
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Yeah, but a naked singing telegram from whom?!

Just in time for V-Day, sui_degeneris dubs me the Patron of Earotic Music and Pimp of MP3s. ('twas all jereeza, I tells ya! *point*)

Procrastination rears its ugly head: Well, will you look at this? I'm a full year late with some of these requests. (I have not forgotten! I'm just a little behind! *wiggle*)

Happy Singles' Awareness Day, everyone,
Banazir, Speaker for the Quick

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