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Birthday cake of many layers

First, belated birthday greetings to carida_46 and myng_rabbyt!

Second, happy birhday to dashamus! I asked jereeza in #teunc to pass along my felicitations, but here's your present:
This here is a Rosetta Stone of Mathemoogicks. Like the Kir'Shara of Surak, it records the wisdoom of the ages in Visual Arts and Mathematical Visualization. Activate it and the hologlyphics will transtate between your language and jereeza's. Never be stymied again, either of yew!

Third: happy birthday (yesterday) Tripitaka!
Ah, what have I gotten for the cool geek who has everything? Voila! Care of cavlec, I'm sending you this mithril-rimmed pair of Dunhero (tm) shades in your prescription, with TransitionsTM lenses to move you into and out of the realm of spirits. The names of the shades are Deead and Deeader. Across the bridge is inscribed: "The way is shut. It was made by those who are deead. They suffer not the fangirl to pass." Now you can Save vs. Squee at +2!

Fourth and finally, happy birthday (today), borgseawolf!
I have gotten you a set of mithril chopsticks for testing your O-Bento for p6ison, a new silk-wrapped scabbard for your katana, and a brand gnu shiny red tanka! The tanka has an embedded LCD panel that displays comic strips, including your own, at up to 1280x1024 resolution. You can even use it to play HDTV over bluetooth (literally: it's a tooth-embedded receiver), 802.11g, or FireWire. The FireWire came from a balrog whip (dknot ask), so be careful using it.


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