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Seeking ideas for nobuddy69's anthology

To be cross-posted to guggle:
nobuddy69 is recruiting writers for two projects! The first is his 'zine; the second, a themed SF anthology. The precise topic is TBD, but ideas that have been bandied about for the anthology include :

  • War World: A mysterious alien being or race is collecting the great generals of Earth - past, present, and future - and seeding an artificial world or environment with them. The twist, beyond Farmer's Riverworld Saga and the "giant alien space station" (Clarke's Rama, Saberhagen's Berzerker, and Varley's Gaia), is that each author is invited to add a military leader from his or her universe into the story line. This one could be serial or an independent compendium.

  • Games of the 542nd Galaxiad: inspired by one of my favorite quasi-satiric short stories, "Olympians Walk Alone" from The Science Fiction Olympics (1984), this theme involves an "open invitational" to all the races of the galaxy or quadrant to come and compete for the love of sport. The Games are open to all members of the Federation, Milieu, Alliance, Hegemony of Man, what you will. Of course, one of the potential twists for a pan-galactic competition is the Sleeping Beauty effect: what about the uninvited civilizations? How will they react? Will they crash the party?

  • The Antimatrix: I've often said that we can do better than the "yeastrix" biofuel cell idea postulated in The Matrix. Here's a chance to prove it!

  • Uplifting Experiences [ETA, 14:15 CST Thu 24 Feb 2005]: What if aliens made first contact by doing some funky stuff to our planet, our genomes, or the genomes of our dumb animals? This meme falls under the rubric of "first contact" stories, but I'm not 100% sure how to couch it. See Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for opposing examples. I've read synopses of David Brin's Uplift Saga that seem to indicate that this idea at least partially recapitulates one of his concepts. I suppose the Star Control canon and its Yehat (pterodactyl-looking sentient avians) and Shofixti (indigenous marsupials that they uplifted) are based upon the same idea. And of course, you have the Europans of Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey and their monoliths. Cue "Also Sprach Zarathustra"... The principle is that the aliens are so alien that the way they communicate is by effecting some catastrophic change.

Any other ideas would be welcome! This isn't exclusively a TEUNC thing, so far as I understand it.

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