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Coming soon to the big and small screens

Coming this March:

  • Tronkie Dawn on Ice: The Ice Princess (US premiere 18 Mar 2005)
    "From small-town mathlete to big-time athlete" - tronkie Dawn on ice? Can't get inuit. (What is a "mathlete"?)

  • If the original was derivative, the sequel is... integral? The Ring 2 (US premiere 18 Mar 2005)

Showed the WETA Digital piece from Disc 5 of the Special Extended Edition DVD of The Return of the King to my CIS 736 (Computer Graphics) class today.

Tonight's episode</b> of What I Like About You: it is to laugh! Luke Perry cameo! Nineties' 90210 flashback! The Amanda Show elf-referentiality! Did I mention that I love footlight-crossing?


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