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Some like it hot

Back from dinner, I am! Went to Royal Thai Cuisine across from Westloop with Banamum, Banadad, Uncle (dad's brother), and Banagran (dad and uncle's mother).

Most of you know that I like my food "Dave Schmidt hot". I therefore asked for the "Thai hot and spicy" rendition of the Paad Prik Khing. What does this signify, you ask? Well, let me tell you, gentle reader... sit right back and enyoj.

I like Thai cooking that, as soon as you sprinkle the curry paste gravy on rice, and as soon as you touch the rice to the tip of your tongue, opens your sinuses and makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. So hot that your first few bites send signals racing to your brain: WARNING! Massive damage to mouth... send down the happy juice IMMEDIATELY! That sizzles its way down your throat, sending the false hope of mercy to your overwhelmed but endorphin-mellowed sensor neurons. That makes you happy to get even a slight taste of the little orange garnish slices - or indeed anything that is, in fact, not "bioterror experiment hot", as my Sichuanese mother calls it. Hot enough to make little green transdimensional aliens drop out of the aether like the little forest spirits in Princess Mononoke. So hot that it blisters the eyelids of innocent bystanders to look at it. In short, veritably hotter than hell.


Oh, and Banamum had Paad Zee U (Thai hot and spicy), Banadad had shrimp fried rice (mild), Banagran had the Bangkok chicken (mild), and Uncle had the catfish curry ("regular" hot). Banadad and I split a bottle of Sapporo (which I've never tried before).


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