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WETA your appetite

MASSIVE (c) 2001 WETA Digital

Today, I showed the WETA Digital piece from The Two Towers in the first half of my CIS 736 (Computer Graphics) class. This follows a showing last Friday of the piece from Return of the King (w00t! I'm hip and with it! Hardcore!) and one last Monday, before my midterm exam, of the one from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Poignant nostalgia abounds, something that will come back in greater pangs as the years go by, I'm sure. Do you know, the most impressive thing besides the ASCI White-class compute cluster they had in 2001 for Film 2 (TTT) was the iPods! PJ's story about the staffer who ran through the streets of Lunnon pursued by iPod-wanting thugs was hilarious. The guy should get an "I Saved Middle-earth" T-shirt!

In other news: I've been asked to teach a required course. Though I think I could handle 570 (Automata, Formal Languages, and Theory of Computation) or 575 (Analysis of Algorithms), the instructors for those courses are not only very good; they have written textbooks (practically or literally so) in the areas. That leaves 501 (Software Architecture), 560 (Database Mangement Systems), and 301 (Set Theory and Formal Logic for Computer Scientists). What do you all think?


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