March 6th, 2003


Sleepless in Rivendell

Whee! I just met Nancy Kress 20 minutes ago.

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I had a short conversation with Nancy about alienness and language. I mentioned C.S. Friedman's In Conquest Born and the Braxin language, which I will write about some other evening. Before I had to dash, I asked her to sign my copies of Beggars in Spain and Probability Sun. She did so most graciously and she tyoped my name "Shu"! (Knot to worry; that is a goond thing.) Oh, and she made the second one out to TEUNC, with a chuckle. I think I will make that a personal twadition. ^_^

"In other work, Gibson also described cranial implants whereby humans could plug directly into the matrix, or Internet, and become part of it, as it were. And let me tell you, after watching my son play EverQuest all afternoon, I don't find it so farfetched."
- Nancy Kress

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