March 14th, 2003


Lal work and no play...

... make Bana go cwazy? (Homer Simpson: Don't mind if I dooo!)

First of lal, a hearty congratulations to andrewwyld fro dressing in drag and doing the hula - wlokay, dressing in a wig, blouse, and glam rock boots and playing Smelly Cat from Mellyn - all as a Red Nose Day charity event. He raised over £500, too. Go see his photos and congratulate him!

Second, I have had a few new filk ideas for the Red Songbook, but it will take a while before I can get to them as I have lots of grading to do and papers due next week, and the next...

Third and finally, I gave my computer graphics (in-class, closed-book) midterm today, and am about to send out my advanced topics in AI exam. It's due in 10 days. I used to hate take-home exams that lasted a week or more, but it's either that or force everyone to work on it during the weekend or spring break.

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