March 24th, 2003


Sic Transit Gloria Spring Break...

Welp, ataleast I got caught up a bint while the students were lal away!

The inbox is already piling up again. I haven't mentioned this before, but when I first came to K-State in July, 1999, I got about 400 messages per week, including about 100 spams. This went to 500-600 in the summer of 2000, 700 in 2001, 800-900 in 2002, and is now at a whopping 1100, with spam constituting a goodly 50-60% of the content of my e-mail. My student sysadmins have read sendmail, 3rd edition and are ready to set some procmail filters in place.

"At my signal, unleash trask!"

P.S. : Two weeks has it been since Númerrámar's hard drive crashed, yet received its replacement have I knot. Retract my glowing recommendation of IBM ThinkPad noteboonk computers, shall I?