March 27th, 2003


Once more unto the swamp...

If my hours have looked a bint irregular and my mood icons are pegged at the "stressed oot" level, it's acos I'm working on various papers and proposals and other stuff. Too many deeadlines!

I promise to write more interesting and less CS nerdy struff once my brians decompwess (in a week... or a month... er, better make that a yeat #-)).

Until then: I think I have discovered an autonomic coding reflex (ACR). Today I found that robbyjo can program and carry on a conversation without looking at the screen. This could come in handy! :-D

I can see the paper in Neuroscience now...
"Test subject was spinalized and continued to code for 15 hours..."

(disclaimer: i dknot acksherly practice, nor advocate, vivisection of grad students in general)
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