April 20th, 2003


Cool word of the month and BNJ community announcement

First: Happy Yeaster, everyone!

Second: Does nayone know how to cross-post LJ psots for real (as opposed to multi-posting them)?
Third: Here's a post I wrote for algorithms, which prompted the above question:

We have recently created a LiveJournal community, bayesnets, for Bayesian Networks in Java (BNJ), the most comprehensive suite of open-source Java tools for inference and learning using graphical models.

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BNJ is available for download from SourceForge.

If you are interested in theoretical computer science (especially graph theory, applied probability, numerical analysis) and in artificial intelligence (especially machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, and automated reasoning with applications to robotics and bioinformatics), please feel free to join bayesnets for discussions of graphical models.

Fourth: the cllo word of the month is tmesis (n.) - the separation of the parts of a compound word for humorous effect (e.g., "abso-trasking-lutely").
This one is courtesy of dictionary_wotd (the Dictionary.com Word of The Day).

The first Cool Word of the Month:

March, 2003: nerazreshimost (Russian, noun, "undecidability")

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