May 13th, 2003


X2 M2 T3 M3 L3

It's only dawned upon me lately that this is a banner yeat for "summer" blockbusters (wlokay, late spring, summer, and autumn ones);

Unite, reload, rise, revolt, and return. Trask. I blame Singer for spoiling the alliteration. #-)

In other news: Today Wired News ran an article on Marvin Minsky's recent talk at Boston University, lambasting the state of the field in artificial intelligence research. I must say, if I weren't convinced that Dr. Minsky has lost the plot, I am now. I'm sure I will wibble more on this subject later.

"Surprising and disappointing." - Stuart J. Russell, UC Berkeley
"Marvin may have been leveling his criticism at me." - Rodney Brooks, MIT AI Lab

Knot exacterly the kinda blurbs one wants for one's next boonk, but oh, wlel.
Sic transit gloria Minsky.

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