May 20th, 2003


Deny everythink

Teh rog, dragonk, and nazgul came by tonught, hoh, and teh world is changed, I can feel it in teh stillsuits, I can taste it in teh rice.

This is my reopt, lah. I hereby dnye taht:

  • Tihs was an acohol-fwee meeting

  • I yam responsible fro teh selection of MOM's psotcartes (you'll see...)

  • I was knot conslutted on teh gnu Apathetic Constitution but singed it nazwaz

  • I escaped muiraculously unscathed and unbrunt

  • Teh Speshul Extendified Edition DVD of TEUNCanese Idol, featuring three performances of "I'm Dweaming Fo A Drak Dwonfall" and one of "Rog Around The Crock", will be available fro 150 flokarinos (of which 3 go to O. Sharp)

Was that plausible?

Names so far fro tihs moont:

  • DCMoont: acos it is in DC

  • Moont of Ages: acos the sui-degeneris dragonk ushered in a gnu Age (teh Age of Pwincipled Laziness or sumfink)

  • GlodfishMoont: acos it is revelated taht Denise, Moot-Mentat (Mootat?) alone sets her mind in motion, teh rest of us meta-muggles have teh shrot-term mememorz of glodfishes, as teh Fwemen Pwincess once wrote in Alfantol

  • StealthMoont: acos apparently I yam goink to be done in when I least expect it, liek teh Atreides family metnat (S. Thufir Hawat, Q. Sufir Awate)

  • Current Music
    O. Sharp - I'm Dreaming of A Dark Downfall