May 23rd, 2003



After our family's part in DCMoot-2003 had concluded, my mom and I had the following rather unusual conversation:

Bana's mom: That fellow Nick is pretty crazy, but he reminds me of one of the hobbits in the films of The Lord of The Rings...
Banazîr: (perks up) Eh? Which one?
Bana's mom: The cute little guy who follows the Ringbearer around... what was his name?
Banazîr: (confuzzled) Say WHA--! Er, I mean, you mean... Samwise?
Bana's mom: Yes, that's the one, Sam.
Banazîr: Seriously? Nick?
Bana's mom: Yeah, he's loyal and funny and more than a little silly.
Banazîr: And whom do I remind you of, Mother? You don't see the slightest resemblance?
Bana's mom: What, between you and Sam?
Banazîr: Uhhh... yes!
Bana's mom: Well, not really... you're too normal.
Banazîr: Hunh? (sighs)

And there yew have it. The Count is Banazîr and Banazîr is... somebuddy else, I guess.
(Though I hafta applaud my mum fro being astute enerf to note that Sam is abnormal.)

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