June 1st, 2003


TEUNC Caht: The One With The Trial

An annuncement: A compleat transcrapt of the Sunday TEUNC Caht from 01 Jun 2003 cannot be had for CHOKLIT or money, and that's a fact.

They can't knot paz me enerf flokarini! #-)

For the record: any and all EskimoInuit fetishespreferences are purely illusory and/or a figment of the reader's imagination.

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This, dear reader, is a faithful narrative of every event in which TEUNC cahtters have been concerned together to-day; and if you do not absolutely reject it as false, you will, I hope, acquit me henceforth of malice toward any member thereof. For the truth of every thing here related, I can appeal more particularly to the testimony of Lance Corporal Lockwood, who from being in caht to its very end, has been unavoidably acquainted with every particular of these transactions. I will only add, Eru bless TEUNC.

I am hereby jumping on the bandwagon of weather pixie-wielding LJ users, following the leads of immortalvisions and istari_ala.

The WeatherPixie

"You can't turn the teunce on and then leave it running!"

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