June 24th, 2003


My daily bowl of Fwooty Pebbles

Teaching the young is like chewing stones. - African proverb [1]

Wlel, wot do yew know? Yew wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Turns oot aye can be a big grumpy Shrek liek the best of them. Wlokay, a lille grumpy Shrek, ataleast. Epople rilly oughter take noot of this afore pulling unethical sutff.

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[1] I suspect that this is a Masai proverb, but I have no definite evidence. Does anyone know the origin or attribution of this saying? I first saw it quoted in a Christmas letter from my father's Ph.D. advisor, Dr. Larry Clever (Professor Emeritus of Chemisty, Emory University), announcing his retirement in 1992.

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