June 28th, 2003


Australasian and UK time differentials

Don'tcha lurve that seven-huor time differential from CDT (GMT-06:00) to CET (GMT+01:00)? (Nine if you're in PDT.)

It's odd when you are in caht at 19:00 and people start dropping like flies.

And then there's SE Asia and Oz. GMT+07:00 (08:00 during Daylight Savings Time?) and GMT+08:00 (09:00). 13/14 or 14/15 huor time diffs mean that we are the ones dropping orf at 02:00 or so.

angelislington, who just moved to L.A. (PST) must be feeling this. (Hi, Nevvie! I hope things are better. We haven't frogotten aboat you!)

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