July 9th, 2003


High Entropy

A gnusflash: wlokay, my world is shattered.
(Knot rilly.)

My psots are going to be ruther short and to the p6int (or knot) fro the next two weenks, as I have a rather important grant proposal that has to go out soon. Today I've spent about 8-9 hours working on it and expect to spend another 3 easily. That's a light day, or at least it passes for one now. Hurgh.

Mais, y'all, don't stop teuncing on accounta me! Here's a straw poll:

Who's getting a TTT Special Extended Edition DVD? Which version(s) have you ordered, or do you plan to order?

I'm holding oat for that statue of movie-Faramir and his gween lalien parasite.

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