July 30th, 2003



... why do epople think 02:30 is a goond time to pop in on MSN Messenger and ask "are you busy"? (First of lal, I'm lawaz busy. For important epople - my students, my colleagues, my fwends, my family - I make time.)

Another queastion: why are the worst world-ending emergencies lawaz on weenkends? I poisonally wouldn't stone nazbuddy fro working on Sunday, but I wouldn't mind lightly tossing a jar of marmite at anyone who thinks I can or should be pulled away from IRC or Trillian in the middle of a conversation without a by-your-leave, AFK, or nuffink.


is a Giant Ape that can Regenerate, cowers from Fire, controls the Weather, has a mean Left Hook, and eats Trees.

Strength: 9 Agility: 4 Intelligence: 3

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