August 30th, 2003


Penguin Immigration!

BALROG CUTTINGS (AP) - The municipality of the Castle Tents welcomed five new TEUNCfriends from teh Antarctic continent today, as a family of Emperor penguins debarked at Her Majesty's Shipyard en route from Australia. The new visitors are ambassadors appointed by the royal family, whose youngest child, Meep, is already in residence at the Soapery. Meep greeted its friends, two adults, one youth, and two juveniles (one a recent hatchling for whose maturation the family delayed its trip by several months) with enthusiasm. "Meep!" it said.

Local residents have described several attempts have already been made to kidnap members of the ambassador's family, but BC law enforcement was quick to quell such rumors. "We have the situation well in hand", assured Banazir, knight of the Jedi order. "We're already taking care of a family of giant Arnorian mallards and Fell Ducks, so we can surely handle a few more newcomers." TEUNC has reportedly built a new aptenodyterium to house the new family.

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