September 8th, 2003


Bha, Ghost Me!

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My student sysadmins have finally finished installing the master Norton Ghost image for the "Maiar" (five Athlon 2GHz systems that we got around February and have been installing with a WinXP/RedHat 8 dual-boot image). We will keep two and ship three out to Agronomy, Biology, and EECE. Later, we will probably get another two Maiar:

  • Eonwe - I have a Dell Dimension XPS D300 (Pentium II-300, 128Mb RAM upgraded to 256Mb, purchased in January, 1998) that I used to call Eonwe, but when it became astoundingly slow, I renamed it Tulkas :-)

  • Osse

  • Uinen

  • Melian

Meanwhile, the Dwarves have also been ghosted - four with WinXP and four with RedHat Linux 8 (I'll prolly upgrade to 9 soon enerf).

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