September 22nd, 2003


Targeted Excellence and Excellent Targets

As of today, I'm participating in no fewer than four preproposals for our Provost's Targeted Excellence program:

  • Functional genomics - a biology/agriculture/engineering collaboration; I will contribute a computational genomics component as the CS representative

  • Groundwater-based societies and economies - a civil engineering/geology/agronomy/ag econ/landscape architecture/sociology collaboration; I will help with the geospatial data mining, KDD, and data cleaning

  • Computer security (new) - a CS collaboration (type theory, formal methods, intelligent systems and machine learning); I will contribute relational data models for data warehousing and data mining

  • Robotics (new) - a CS collaboration (software engineering, AI); I will consult on developing a simulator for telerobotics and an event communication language

Hrm, I guess I must be an excellent target. :o)

Edit (24 Sep 2003): Make that five - add

  • Engineering applications of machine intelligence (new) - a CS/EECE collaboration; I will consult on graphical models of probability and neural computation for pattern recognition

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