October 13th, 2003


Famous Brain Lesions

(As istari_ala pointed out, I've been cheating a bit with the dates on my LJ entries lately. Sorry if this is an annoyance; I've been swamped. The back-dating should subside now, at least for a while.)

When it rains, it pours! Lots of news today:

  • Trasked in the heead: In caht, Gondhir and Yoj and I were discussing famous heead injuries and I mentioned the neuroscience patients H.M. and N.A., the still-living subjects of two of the most well-known case studies on long-term memory. We also discussed Phineas Gage.
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  • A gnu red car: Memember how my mom was driving my car a couple of weeks ago and got hit from behind while stopped at a light? Well, the other driver's insurance finally confirmed the estimate for the repairs, and approved a 2-day rental while the car was getting its bumper repainted. So, today we've got a cherry-red 2004 Pontiac Vibe. It loonks a little like an SUV, but it's technically a "midsize/compact". The dashboard is wreally weird: all of the dials are very deeply recessed. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is charging only $28.50 a day for this rental, but that's sans insurance. It's an interesting car, at any rate.

  • Nonetheless, they will have need of wood: I just had a discussion with my dad about human cloning and downloading of brain images to organic vs. robotic "media". He and I agreed that downloading into a viable human body, possbly overwriting a human consciousness, is simply abducting a living person who thinks he or she is you (unless told otherwise). If you subscribe to the "at most one aiua per body" theory that Orson Scott Card popularized in the Ender Saga, you'll agree that this doesn't destroy or create souls - it merely generates an ethical dilemma.

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