December 16th, 2003


Book Recommendation: Hyperion/Endymion by Dan Simmons

I'd like to recommend four of my favorite SF books, a 4-part series by Dan Simmons:

If you like anything by:

  • Isaac Asimov (esp. the Galactic Empire/Foundation series)

  • Anne McCaffrey (esp. the Pegasus/Talents series)

  • Orson Scott Card (esp. the Ender Quartet)

  • Neal Stephenson (esp. Cryptonomicon)

  • William Gibson (esp. Neuromancer)

  • Julian May (esp. Diamond Mask)

this will almost certainly rock your socks.

Anyone who's read these - opinions?
(Please tag spoilers in your comment title - everyone who hasn't read the books, please watch your step.)

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