December 17th, 2003


More Welcomes and the TEUNC group

Welcome to my new LJ friends f00dave, kissmyascii, yahvah, and anglachel1 and to TEUNCs jereeza (Jereeza the Belly-Dancing Nazgul) and carida_46 (Grandma).

Also, I've created teunc.

This is mainly to protect the name "TEUNC" from being cybersquatted now that there are no invite codes, though it would have been easy enough to do even when there weren't any.

Paranoid reasons aside, the intended purpose of this LiveJournal is threefoldnothing:

  • 1. To protect the good name of TEUNC from besmirchment by UFAT and our other enemies in Shadow, who are legion, as Roger Zelazny wrote

  • 2. To provide a compact, uniform Friends feed for TEUNCs that isn't anchored to any particular TEUNC's LJ

  • 3. To provide an auxilary tool for those of us TEUNCs who have LJs and want a place to post teuncy URLs, embedded pictures, etc.

To every TEUNC: Please feel free to subscribe if you like, even to make an LJ if you want to be able to post (and use your LJ for other things). Use this community for whatever you like - especially teuncy LJ icons, pictures, and URL-rich psots. Every TEUNC member will have his or her public posts appear on the friends page of this community, which is convenient, IMHO. Out of respect for TEUNCs' privacy and the spirit of the group, please treat this group as if it were a public forum cf. (which it is).

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    Meneldil - You're A Balrog Now