January 12th, 2004



Microsoft stock acquired: Persuant to yesterday's discussion, I bought 1000 shares of MSFT this morning. Wlacksherly, I talked to my financial planning clientmom on the phone and advised her to place an order in the family Ameritrade account, which she did from Taipei while I was still asleep. Funny, that. Ah, but it's so hard to get up before 10:00 these days!

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For shmeepster and others, courtesy of tonight's teunc IRC brainstorm:
How to Make LoTR into A Porn Film in Five Easy Steps 1
(Warning: rated NC-17 for sexual language)
I love you when you're possessed. -jereeza

1 Disclaimer: Hey, Morgil and gondhir started it, and jereeza and Demosthenes finished it! I was just following along! *innocent look*

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