January 27th, 2004


Blade Remade, or That'll Teach Me

6 hours of sleep in 3 days, one meal in 26 hours (plus a CHOKLIT tortoise, soda cracker, and oatmeal raisin coonkie).
It's amazing how much research one can get done when one stops eating and sleeping.

I had to practically rewrite an entire M.S. thesis into a conference paper. You who are in academia (celandineb, jereeza), are teachers of long experience (carida_46), or seeking to become faculty some day (f00dave, yahvah, wondergurl_77, csn?). You are my witnesses - that will teach me to sign thesis cover pages after a final proofreading but before I have seen the changes committed. Grr.

Achtung: The blade has been applied. Ahh, sweet hobbitty hairlessness. Thanks be.

Edit, 01:30 CST 28 Jan 2004: I just saw in shmeepster's LJ that Sean Astin didn't get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination, even though The Return of The King garnered a whopping eleven nods 1, including Best Picture and Best Director. Oh, well. They made us roll initiative, is wot.

Edit, 02:00 CST 28 Jan 2004: Yernow wot? I may have found my theme song.

1 From TORn. See, I can write citations, why can't they?

(more meaningful struff - and pohtos - frothcoming)
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