March 9th, 2004


Rules of technical support

"Newbies can be good things."

Did you ever wonder whether phone and on-site techs have an unwritten code?
The answer, for the most part, is yes.
For instance, for high-speed internet (cable modem) service:

  • 1. Always push the responsibility back to the customer.

    • Direct the diagnosis from outdoor to indoor, i.e., "not our problem"

    • Never support multiple systems using a firewall

    • Don't support Linux; ask them to try a Windows system if they have both MacOS and Windows

  • 2. Rule out and get out.

    • Phone techs should hook up enough diagnostics to rule out outside line problems, then get the frell out

    • Never give the customer anything but a lay diagnosis

    • Replace modems or sell the customer a new one, but don't mess with anything sustantive such as lines and amplifiers

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Yes, gnubies can be a good thing. ;-)

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Got this result with two variations:
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