March 11th, 2004



Here are banazir's most trusted friends:

Who are your most trusted friends?

8 people added me this week.
Would any of you listed below please post and introduce yourselves?

11 Mar 2004: idigital (Yay!)
10 Mar 2004: andrewwyldgonzo (W00t!), atomistictheist (Another acquaintance met through the Jediism thread in convert_me - welcome!)
09 Mar 2004: dakotamidnight (Met in the LJ community convert_me)
08 Mar 2004: dildobucket1
06 Mar 2004: zengeneral (Another student... I'm going to the special hell...)
05 Mar 2004: flymonk321, huginn (both met in the LJ of wondergurl_77 - hey, dudes!)

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