April 5th, 2004


Annoyances at the book sale

Well, I was annoyed by several things this afternoon, but I'm feeling pretty mellow now.

Today I came in to the CIS department, ready to attend the second presentation for a Master of Software Engineering (MSE) student, which he contacted me about on 01 Apr 2004. It turns out that the student had reserved neither a room nor a notebook computer for his presentation at 14:30 CDT. Well, I spoke with Mrs. Winfough, our department's grad studies secretary, around 11:40 after my morning course. She reserved the room for him, so I went about my business.

After the presentation in my advanced AI seminar (CIS 830) (13:30 - 14:20), I went to Hale Library to find Diana Farmer, whom I planned to ask for help in getting into the KSU e-journals collection.1

Instead, what did I stumble upon, but a book sale? The Friends of the KSU Libraries annual book sale, as it happens. Well, if you don't know me that well yet, let me tell you that banazir at a library rummage sale is like a kid in a candy store. The whole InfoCommons area on the 2nd floor was filled with remnants tables and shelves.

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After the exam, I walked back to Hale armed with a reinforced U.S. Postal Service basket, which worked well for carrying back all of my loot. (w00t!) Bill Shea caught me on the street, teunceing back to my office, and remarked: "They got you, eh?" when I explained what I had.

1 It turned out that I just needed to reset my electronic ID.
Edit, 11:15 CDT 09 Apr 2004 - This took longer than I expected, though; I only got back in on Wed 07 Apr 2004 by calling the CNS IT Help Desk on Tue 06 Apr 2004.

2 You who know me from Severn are doubtless chuckling, "You've come a long way, Suitcase Boy!".