April 7th, 2004


Book sale redox

Here are a request and an announcement.
Request: Does anyone know how to set Microsoft Outlook to play MP3s? I can only get it to play .WAV files.
Announcement: Thanks to a recruiting drive by wondergurl_77, I have succumbed to the lure of Orkut. I have discovered several KSU students and alumni already there. As sui_degeneris says, "Come... join us!" (Now, does anyone know what "in affiliation with Google" means?)

Today was "all you can carry away in a box for $5" at the KSU Friends of the Library book sale.

First of all, I have actually discovered a motivation for weightlifting! Hah!
Who'd a-thunk it?

Second, I kindasorta cheated by having a car parked in an adjacent lot.

I did limit my haul to one box, though.
Another 20 textbooks and 10 novels, give or take.
Edit, 13:30 CDT 10 Apr 2004: Lest I sound inordinately wimpy, I should mention that this box limit was by volume and not by weight. ;-)

I did get the last couple of non-useless statistics and linear programming books, along with a decent and not-too-terribly-obsolete genetics textbook. I also picked up all three copies of the gag book America Off-Line: The Complete Outernet Starter Kit (1996). It's a lucky thing that one of the two vintage copies of Ursula LeGuin's The Tombs of Atuan that I left in the bin yesterday (not knowing that they were part of the first Earthsea series) was still there.

Today's total: $5