April 18th, 2004


Sproglet counterfactuals, hymns, and a meme from weetanya

Quite a day, yesterday. College Heights Baptist Church got Reverend Hong, a guest pastor, to come to Manhattan for one of his eight visits a year. My friend and colleague Shing I Chang invited me and my parents to attend, and I got to wrangle his wee one. Cuteness. Man, she's getting big (though she's still not tall for 6)! She had on a couple of shoes that looked like those of deire's current default ("Small and Harmless") icon except for a little bridge running over the arch (IIRC).

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The sproglet's big sister is now 12 and just reached the same height as her mom! Amazzling. She was one of our pianists. As I couldn't read the Chinese hymns, I hummed aloud and kept tune, thumbing through The Baptist Hymnal (you prolly have several of those, scionofgrace) as I did so.

More on Rev. Hong's sermon, on faith and empiricism (and... drumroll, pwease... the Cultural Revolution!), to follow.

Meme from weetanya:
What's on your desk this morning?
There are (I estimate):

  • 30 books

    • mostly AI/data mining including a couple of conference proceedings

    • some graphics and geometry, a couple on writing

    • Predicting Combat Effects by Dean Hartley

    • Just Enough UNIX

    • one on MS Project 98 (bha!)

    • one on ORACLE9i JDBC programming

    • a few on C++ and data structures because I'm helping some friends to learn it

  • about as many papers

  • two ThinkPads (A31p Pentium IV 1.7GHz/512Mb RAM/60Gb HD; 600E Pentium II-366MHz/288Mb RAM/6Gb HD)

  • an iPAQ H3635

  • a couple of 256Mb CompactFlash cards with PC-MCIA adapters

  • a bill from the Good Cook Book Club

  • two issues of MacWorld (one from last month, one from 2002)

  • a mug of Diet Coke

  • 10-20 pens and pencils

  • 5-10 floppy disks

  • a 15" length of Category 5 cable

  • about 5 CDs: Metrowerks CodeWarrior, etc.

  • a box of 100 CD sleeves with about 92 or so left

  • a silk plant

  • an eyeglass screwdriver I used to extract my bad 12Gb drive from Vingilot (the 600E)