April 26th, 2004


Another PSA, and some iconage

suricattus, worthiest of worthies, came up with a brilliant idea for her Revlon Run/Walk for Women to combat womens' cancers. Please do sponsor her. As someone whose mother and maternal grandmother have both had their lives saved by medical science and practice, I can tell you it is an excellent cause.

And listen, anyone who would suffer my insanity ought to be beatified someday!

Just an example of Suri's lightsabre wit:
The thing about Spice, Merry mused as he stared into the thick head of his brew – Littlewater’s best, aged in sherry casks brought down two years back, when Men started riding the trading routes again after cleaning up their own lands in the time after the time Merry tried not to think of, was that it never quite tasted like what you thought it should. Spice should be, oh, he didn’t know, spicy. There should be tang and flavor and heft to it. Shouldn’t there?
The Elves would have known. Had there been any left to ask.
But Elves went out of the world, and Spice came in, and Merry was thinking it was not a fair trade, no not a fair trade at all.

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Edit, 13:15 CDT Tue 27 Apr 2004 - from rsmit212:
Trask it up a notch!

Which Food Network Chef
are you?

Edit, 13:45 CDT Tue 27 Apr 2004 - gacked from masteralida:
85%: Here is the result of your Niceness Purity Test.
You answered "yes" to 15 of 100 questions, making you 85.0% nice pure (15.0% nice corrupt); that is, you are 85.0% pure in the niceness domain.
According to the scoring guide, your niceness experience level is: Nice... Ok, you are probably really nice, or a liar, if you scored this high. If you are really this nice, then you rule. Good job. If you lied on the questions, then go take the test again. That's really stupid. But anyway, this is just an indicator, so take from it what you will. =)


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