April 28th, 2004


Rednecks of Dune and More Vid Peril

darana: roflol banazir thinks miajesbar and he are teh atreides twins, though as often as you [two] finish each others sentences.
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darana: roflol yeha dune
deire: Yeeeha! Dune!
deire: Must--not--filk--Duke of Hazard theme

You, you who put Leto and Ghani climbing in through the viewports of a 'thopter named the Dr. Liet in my heead--!
*soundtrack guy cues "Dueling Balisets"*
Argh! The special crop, I tell you!

Why must payback wait as the sages wrote?1

Here, then, is some more vid peril.
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:looks around for readers doubled up in pain:
I clearly have not made you suffer enough.
Let's launch directly into the Saga of Pliocene Exile, Intervention, and Galactic Milieu series, then.
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1 juing1zi3 bao4 chou2 shi2 nien2 bu1 wan3: For the superior man's vengeance, ten years is not too long.
(Compare the Klingon aphorism: "Revenge is a dish best served cold.")

2 You know I will never rest until the Galactic Milieu trilogy, and preferably the whole Julian May decalogy, is a SciFi miniseries. Just start scribbling your casting lists and lobbying whereever you can. :-)

In other news

23:30 CDT Wed 28 Apr 2004: My review of tonight's Smallville episode has been posted to teunc. (Please excuse the off-topicness; I'm searching for a better long-term home for Angel and Smallville episode commentaries.)

00:15 CDT Thu 29 Apr 2004: The Alphabet Meme, taken from miajesbar
Start: 22:40 CDT Wed 28 Apr 2004
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Finish: 00:04 CDT Thu 29 Apr 2004

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