May 7th, 2004


A Chinese Aphorism

Here's a saying my parents are fond of quoting:


lu4 yao2 zhi1 ma3 li4
ri4 jiu3 jien3 ren2 xing1

Literal translation:
road long (spatial sense) [to know] horse force
day long (temporal sense) [to meet] person heart

By a long road shall a horse's full strength be known;
By the test of time shall a person's true heart be revealed.

Edit, 21:30 CDT: O tempura! O morays! O trask! :-D
(From w00t_comic)

Grats to most of my friends (but not my students yet) at being done with final exams! Pizza Party (1 of 2) at Bana's smial!

Edit, 22:15 CDT: O... M... G!! LOL!1!!!!!
That is the awesomest thing I have seen in months. Jereeza the red!
You rock so hard it's not even funny.
Thank you!

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