May 19th, 2004


It's just been my day today...

Teunciness the First:
Our Bioinformatics Targeted Excellence project is a go.
This university initiative was one of nine projects to receive funding to the tune of $925K for five years.
17 faculty, yours truly included, are on it.

Teunciness the Second:
Thanks to a DURIP grant to Matt Dwyer, we getting another $400K for Ye Olde Quad Opteron-y goodness.

Teunciness the Third:
miajesbar, hold on to your anemone socks:
UPN has renewed Enterprise.

From the brilliant wiliqueen, who got it from calyx:

Copy and paste this:
<font color=yourusername><b>yourusername</b></font>
into your journal.

Hrm, on white that's a rather sickly yellowish brown, but on my blue Friends page, it looks all right.

rizanab - hrm, rather bright for a Sith apprentice
bayesnets - wlokay
teunc - oooh, blue!
geckies - yay! red!

From masteralida:

Collapse )

Edit, 20:00 CDT: I've posted my Smallville Season 3 finale (spoiler) review to teunc.
Everyone, please do remember to put your Angel series finale spoilers behind LJ-cut!

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