May 27th, 2004


Greetings from Cass City, MI!

  • 01:05 CDT: go to sleep

  • 06:15 CDT: get up

  • 07:10 CDT: depart Kalamazoo, MI

  • 08:30 CDT: Lansing, MI

  • 10:50 CDT: arrive Cass City, MI

Presentations, calls, and a quick visit to Ye Olde 10/100 Switch. Am suckling atleeching from my host's Cat-5 cable.

Going back to Lansing now...

Edit, 10:15 CDT: Yay! The Falcon has landed! I stopped in and said hi to masteralida, darana, phawkwood, chevronsha, deire, ldymlissa, miajesbar, octaviakrysk, gwyneth_syeira, and queenmidalah (in the order I saw them). masteralida's young daughter caused me to crush a glowing "anemone" koosh ball, which I threw atto deire and phawkwood. Now that's friendship: 10 minutes after meeting in person (for the first time except for darana and phawkwood), we were throwing anemones at each other. What teunciness! :-D

Een Amerika, first you krush zee anemonee...

We're now at a Hampton Inn in East Lansing... Captain, there be wireless here!
I got very large studio complete with fridge and microwave, which the fellow at the front desk gave me at the standard room rate.

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