November 6th, 2004


Creationists: They're Baaack

Remember the brouhaha that erupted back in 1999 when the Kansas State Board of Education decided to adopt science standards that de-emphasize the teaching of evolution in public schools? Collapse ) Collapse )
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Well, here's what has happened this past election: Kathy Martin, a proponent of the theory of intelligent design, has declared opposition to the teaching of the theory of evolution in KS schools.

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( Source article: "Evolution defenders anticipate new fight" | The Lawrence Journal-World )

On Monday, 18 Oct 2004, Kathy Martin spoke on our campus.
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( Source article: "Martin visits K-State, speaks" | Kansas State Collegian )
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( Source article: "LETTER: Candidate not suited for board" | Kansas State Collegian )

On Tuesday, 02 Nov 2004, Kathy Martin was elected to the Kansas State Board of Education, District 6. She had run unopposed.
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