November 8th, 2004


The Washburn Identity

15:10 CST Fri 05 Nov 2004

Explanation for the title:
Seeing as Ol' Ichabod is being made over as retro-cool, I thought I'd add to his legend a little with a dash of Jason Bourne.
Now, if you folks want The Washburn Supremacy: send me another Ph.D. student. ;-)

We had some visitors from Washburn University in Topeka last Friday. Professor Cecil Schmidt, an affiliate of our Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases, brought a group of eight students out. Dr. David Gustafson, Dr. Torben Amtoft, and I spoke to them about our graduate program and research groups. Then the group and I chatted in the lobby of Nichols for a while. Later, they sat in on my CIS 730 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) lecture and on Yonghua Li's CIS 798 (Seminar in Probabilistic Graphical Models) presentation.

Hey, prolog! Props to y'all!
Court Extends Equal Marriage to Saskatchewan
(Seen in the LJ of ceridwyn2)

From spoothbrush:


What herb are you?
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I feared it was so.1

1 The original utterance is Frodo's, at the tomb of Balin. I reused it a bit in Chapter II.9 (2000) of the rec.arts.books.tolkien/ parody, The Lord of The... Whatever.

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