December 10th, 2004


Bana, his eyes uncovered; or, the tearing of new ones

I have new glasses.

Here's me, with the old ones (acquired in January of 1993), on 18 Oct 2003:

Please excuse the extreme dorkiness. ;-)

Here's me, with the new ones, today:

Collapse )
Collapse )

And. And! I can actually see! W00t!

In other news: I read the rants (yes, an actual printout) in the final lecture of the fall semester today. masaga was there at my behest, zengeneral by his own request because he is going to give some guest lectures in CIS 736 (Computer Graphics) in the spring. 1 Turns out I didn't need a second or a witness, nor even my sidearm (i.e., Class IIIa laser product2). Weeping and gnashing of teeth? Not so much. Well, masaga might have gnashed his teeth just a tad bit.

1 Well, OK, he was hoping to witness a bloodletting.
2 In case it wasn't clear, that's a joke. I only use lasers on terrorists, as MOM once suggested - to zap their beady little eyes out. >:-)

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