January 11th, 2005



First of all,
Thank you, sui_degeneris!
I just got the box of cookies yesterday. I gave half to the secretaries and have a bag to share with istari_ala and zengeneral.

Seen with deire:
"If you didn't start a Live Journal for the sole purpose of being an attention whore and having everyone pity you because of your sob stories, put this in your LJ."

I started this primarily to have a place to blog about daily happenings and things of personal interest, as well as general commentary about society, politics, music, film, literature, art, and code, where it wouldn't be too off-topic. The TEUNC Yahoo! Group and alt.fan.tolkien were getting a little cluttered with my meanderings.

Tonight's DVD: Dinosaur
Nice film! Cute.

SchoolClass starts tomorrow! See you in lecture, kids.

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