February 4th, 2005


The Perils of NSF FastLane

Well, the proposal is done, but guess what?

Fingolfin's net services and NSF FastLane both went down just 6-10 minutes before I went in to upload the final revision and push the button. Well, I've been using HoTMaiL for 2 weeks, as most of you know, due to the instability in the CIS mail system, but FastLane I couldn't do anything about. In fact, it's still down right now. Our assistant vice provost of research sent an e-mail to NSF while istari_ala and I went down to my lab to reboot Fingolfin. They should extend the due date, but I'm keeping a timestamped (pre-17:00 CST) copy of the version I was going to submit.

Oh, and a pre-proposal I was a senior person on was held up in the crash, too. These were the two being submitted this aftenroon. Is it a good sign when you're on all the (held-up) proposals?

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