February 10th, 2005


GMail == Woolong

GMail just hit me with 50 invites last week, and my secondary accounts are starting to spawn invites now, too!

At this point, GMail4Troops has stopped taking donations, the GMail-O-Matic has somewhere between 1.5 million and 5 million invites (compared to 280000 when I donated 3 to it last week), and GMail itself has added a "quick invite box" to its sidebar.

GMail is the new post-WWI German money! Or giant bamboo. Or zucchini.
Once a goodie, now a pestilence! Or, as Nigel "The Nose" Williamson put it as Merlin in Excalibur: "A dream to some; a nightmare to others!"
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ETA, 15:50 CST: Just in case anyone still has a use for one, I still have a few. Say the word and they're yours.

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In other news: Is it just me, or was last night's Lost even more jackedtrasked than usual? Collapse )

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