March 15th, 2005


Just OneLook

Happy St. Patrick's Day and alla that! (Wlokay, it's tomorra in Oirland, nesupasu?1)

Lookit! Even OneLook, my favorite meta-dictionary, got in on the act!

Nice word of the day, too, eh? :-D

In other news: Ugh. I believe the phrase you are looking for is: "Bha, toast me!" Or perhaps thy modir. As in "word to".

1 ETA, 21:15 CST: *blush* OK, so I was two days early. (Interestingly enough, there are two interpretations of "it's tomorrow in Ireland", one of which is actually a valid statement.) This is what happens with holiday advertising in the USA: seasonal whatsits everywhere (in this case, shamrocks coming out of the faucets), any excuse for seasonal (green) beer, ads from FTD inviting everyone and his brother Shamus to send people green carnations (huh?), Google News featuring hundreds of articles on St. Patrick's Day 2005, 24-72 hours before the fact... and of course, banazir not actually managing to discover in two Google searches when SPD actually falls. Next time? I'ma check At least they'll have the date. Bha. HumGreenbug.

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