April 2nd, 2005


Passing of a Pope

There's a small child who just appeared on camera from St. Peter's Square. Too young to realize what's going on, she started making a naughty face and vamping for the camera.

I remember my little three-year old cousin going to the side of the hospital bed where my grandfather's body lay, when he had just passed away in 1993. Each of us laid our hands on his forehead to say a few words of remembrance and farewell, and she started waving and tapping at him. She really had no idea why her mother was crying, and though her mom explained that it was because gong gong had gone away, it wasn't really clear to her where he had gone and how far.

It's a blessing that children know little of death, I think.

A rich, full life, full of resolve and action on behalf of humankind. The best that can be said of any person's life, nyssacrman said aptly.

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