April 11th, 2005



This is a generic, only half-rhetorical question. I have been involved in several disputes of late, some as a nominally disinterested third party, so this is neither specific to any one of them, nor am I taking sides. It's just been bothering me, so I will give voice to my opinion here. If you recognize your own POV in one of these critiques, please note that the other side's is also represented and reflect a moment before you reply - that's all I ask.

Why do people sometimes get completely entrenched in their own opinions in a debate that they:

  • 1. Become completely unable to grasp why it is, or is not, a substantial issue to the other party? Collapse )

  • 2. Get hell-bent on escalation, particularly in delivering a commensurate insult? Collapse )

  • 3. Feel the need to impute idiocy, incompetence, or especially immaturity, to the other party? Collapse )

All right, that's quite enough pontificating on my part for one night. Thanks for reading, if you did; I wrote this mainly to get it off my chest.

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