April 22nd, 2005


Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations are in order to an alumnus of my research group and a soon-to-be alumna:

"When a P-man loves an NP-woman" by hpguo won the Math Poetry Contest run by Lance Fortnow!
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Also, congratulations to Julie A. Thornton on winning First Place in the Math, Physics, and Engineering category of the KSU Graduate Research Forum last week, for a talk on her M.S. thesis topic, approximate inference in Bayesian networks by edge deletion. (That makes two KDDers: hpguo in 2002 and JAT in 2005.) Oh, and last week Julie completed the Boston Marathon in 03:44.

In other news:

  • TMI about masaga's balls, which zengeneral won't stop playing with

  • The controversy over the MIT paper-spoofer SciGen rages on. Collapse )

  • My friend chandra has some CS and math books for sale in compscibooks

  • More congratulations: let's have a big raise the roof for prolog, who just got into the Ph.D. program in CS at Ottawa! Go kick some ass over there (and say hi to Fazel for me), then come here and help me kick more ass!

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