September 25th, 2005


LiveJournal tags in GreatestJournal, DeadJournal, JournalFen, etc.?

Here's an idea that I haven't seen proposed before. Please correct me if it has been; I'd appreciate it if you could post the link in that case, because I would like to see what The Powers That Be have thought of it.

GreatestJournal (GJ) is a LiveJournal clone, based on the open LJ source, that I use for my private personal journal. I use that primarily for posting rants, works in progress, and icons. GJ, and perhaps other LJ-based services such as DeadJournal and JournalFen, uses <lj user=username> and <lj comm=communityname> instead of <gj user=username> and <gj comm=communityname>. This seemed technically incorrect to me when I first had to use it ("gj" isn't even a recognized tag on GJ), but I got over it.

Recently, though, sui_degeneris pointed out to me that I tend to embed "lj" tags that came from LJ in my GJ, which leads to File Not Found (404) errors when people click on them. I have since started using "username on LJ" in plain text instead.

That discussion got me to thinking, though. Why not have a <xSj user=username>, where S is one of {d, f, g, l} for Dead, Fen, Greatest, Live? This could even be extended to b for Blogger and m for MoveableType. And just as there were little icons to replace the "human torso" that appears next to a user name such as banazir, we could have a specific glyph for each service. Then people could reference <xgj user=sui_degeneris> from LJ and vice versa, and it would go to the right journal.

What say you?