December 5th, 2005


Unrecommended and unstable forever: Alamosa and Figi's

As you may have noticed if you are here at K-State, I stopped carrying my iPAQ H3635 about two years ago, after I got a SanDisk CompactFlash card with a WiFi (802.11b) antenna in it. On the one hand, it made my Windows for PocketPC software (especially AvantGo) work much better, requiring no ActiveSync; on the other, it made me too lazy to keep reinstalling ActiveSync any more. As you may also know, I am quite the computer jinx, and my ThinkPads die like members of an Amberite royal family. Eventually, as fate would have it: I lost my ActiveSync 3.5 CD, the iPAQ's 7-8 hour continuous battery life degraded (it's now about 2-3 hours, less with the WiFi), and software bloated to the point that the 32Mb RAM/16Mb ROM that I got in 2001 and the 200MHz Intel StrongARM processor are not enough any more.

The other day I was in the Town Center Mall, and I went up to the Sprint Store desk, where the young woman at the counter told me that the latest and greatest PDA phone is their Treo 650. I'd pay $339 as a new customer, which is better than the trade-in price, she said. I really had my heart set on an iPAQ 6115, though.

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